The icon of BERLIN's design department, Enzo Mari, shimmers in shimmering colours.


She shines and sparkles like the entire Schöneberg district of Berlin. Thanks to an innovative manufacturing process, the BERLIN breakfast cup is hand-painted with glossy paint.


It is only after the colour has been drawn that the glow of lavender appears. Care tips for many dazzling moments The semi-transparent, metallic and shimmering colour is quite rare on porcelain and therefore a speciality that must be treated with special care. To ensure that the pleasure of the brilliance of the cut lasts as long as possible, it is best to clean it by hand, dry it and do not stack it so that its colour does not fade or scratch.

SKU: 3150915405

    Model: BERLIN

    Designer: Enzo Mari / KPM Meisterwerkstatt

    Year of origin: 2017

    Size - Height (mm): 80 - Diameter (mm): 96 - Capacity (Liter): 0.3


    It is best to clean it by hand, dry it and do not stack it so that its colour does not fade or scratch.


    Porcelain which is available from stock in our Villa Nuvola. We deliver to Monaco within 24 hours and to all EU countries within 2 to 5 working days. Porcelain available in stock at the KPM manufactory is delivered to Germany within 2-5 working days. For Monaco, France and other EU countries, the standard delivery time is between 5 and 10 days. The decorated porcelains are painted at your request and have a maximum delivery time of 60 days. Depending on the number of pieces, the degree of difficulty of the decoration and the workload of our in-house porcelain painters, this time can be considerably less than 60 days. All other porcelains have a standard delivery time of 60 days. Availability will be confirmed to you by email once your purchase is complete.


    Please note that we do not accept returns of products that have been individually designed and assembled for you. Of course, this exclusion does not apply in the case of production errors. The statutory revocation periods apply to products in stock. Unfortunately, we cannot assume the costs for returns.