io tavolo .
  • io tavolo .

    A rotatable table luminaire that can be adjusted to suit every situation with the help of LED »perfect color« and the choice of 13 watts and 18 watts of power. To create perfect light for every mood - for work or reading. With the integrated »touchless« control system, light can be managed with wizard-like gestures.

      LED table luminaire with rotating head and gesture control


      Occhio is inspired by only one source: the sun itself. The quality of the light produced by our new "perfect color" LEDs is very close to this ideal: The color rendering has as many nuances and depth as in nature itself.


      Lighting effects The characteristic optics of Occhio lenses work in synergy with interchangeable inserts to produce an inspiring quality of light.


      With Occhio's »touchless control«, the light can be switched, dimmed, or directed up and down with a simple gesture control - touchless and intuitive. Gone are the days of switches, dimmers and other 3d motion devices. Occhio's unique 3d articulation allows the io's luminaire head to float and create complete freedom of direction in the room - with magical movements.


      io tavolo, adjustable LED table luminaire, 18 / 13W (switchable), "perfect color" LED for better color rendering, dimmable via an integrated "contactless control".


      Light color 2700/3000 K - "perfect color LED" (CRI 97)

      Dimensions: head ø 100 mm - body H 400 mm - base ø 180 mm, H 14 mm

      Mobility 360 ° swivel head - 360 ° swivel body

      Power / Luminous flux: 13W / 800lm Energy efficiency (EEC): A ++ / A +


      Please note that we do not accept returns of individually configured products. Of course, this exclusion does not apply in the event of a production error.