Sento terra
  • Sento terra

    A standing luminaire as a work of art – Sento terra is a timelessly beautiful source of light that can serve as both a standing luminaire with direct light and as an uplighter. With selectable lighting effects, single- or dual-side light emitting, tiltability and rotating heads, it is a real light tool for your rooms. You can manage and dim the Sento terra via »touchless control« or Occhio air.

      Sento - the innovative Sento modular lighting system combines timeless design and unique lighting quality in an integral system. The luminaire line is modular and versatile, making it suitable for residential and commercial applications.


      Thanks to the interchangeability of optical components (lenses, inserts and color filters), the lighting effect remains modifiable. You can therefore determine the light of your Occhio luminaire - now and at any time!


      The light effect can be changed through the use of interchangeable optical components (lenses, inserts and color filters). So you can choose the light for your Occhio luminaire - now and always! E- Light diffuses up and down D- Light up and down C- Light down


      With Occhio's »touchless control«, the light can be switched, dimmed, or directed up and down with a simple gesture control - touchless and intuitive. Gone are the days of switches, dimmers and other lighting devices. "color tune" - change the color of the light Occhio lamps with "color tune" adapt to your mood: With the gesture control you decide which color temperature you want to use depending on the situation.

      From warm light tones at 2700 Kelvin for hours of evening relaxation to stimulating, cool 4000 Kelvin working light.

      The choice is yours - anytime. Directing the light in the room - "up / down" A simple push is enough to raise or lower the light continuously. Occhio luminaires which emit light from both sides are equipped with separate LEDs which allow the upward and downward lighting to be operated separately. This creates fascinating possibilities for the staging of the hall.


      Sento terra, adjustable and swiveling LED floor luminaire, per head max. 18W or 26W each, single or double-sided, "perfect color" LED for better color rendering, dimmable via the Occhio controller or integrated "contactless control".

      Light color: 2700/3000 K "perfect color LED" (CRI 97) Characteristics "contactless control" rise / fall of the light intensity choose your brightness

      Luminous flux: (2x) 26W / (2x) 1620lm Energy efficiency (EEK): A + / A

      Dimensions head ø 123 mm, H 42 mm - body H 1800 mm - base ø 32 cm, H 23 mm

      Mobility: 12 pivot


      Please note that we do not accept returns of individually configured products. Of course, this exclusion does not apply in the event of a production error.