KPM | vase »HALLE3«
  • KPM | vase »HALLE3«

    After the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus last year, the aesthetic and formal design principles of that time testify to an unbroken topicality and appeal. For this reason, KPM Berlin is once again staging its Bauhaus porcelains with the collection b100.1 and is launching a homage to timeless classical modernism with the objects designed in masterly hand painting. The Bauhaus icon in the form portfolio of KPM Berlin is the vase group HALLE, developed in 1930 by Marguerite Friedlaender-Wildenhain. Its design convinces with its clear lines, balanced proportions and the harmonious symbiosis of the geometric bodies sphere and cone. The linear, hand-painted decor in grey, black, iron red and 24-carat gold was inspired by a design by the artist Professor Ernst Böhm (1890-1963) from the 1920s.
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      Designer: Marguerite Friedlaender

      Original year: 1930/31

      Height: 300mm

      24 karat gold

      hand painted